Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: How can I become an Androgynous Fox Model?

A: We believe that everyone, no matter their color, shape, or orientation has the potential to create amazing modeling photos. We do not recruit or hire our models; we find our models from within the talented Androgynous Fox Skulk. The models you see on our website and social media sites are of customers who shared their modeling photos in our clothing. Those who go above and beyond with the creativity and quality of the photographs have the opportunity to get featured on our website, and some are invited to participate in exclusive Androgynous Fox photo shoot projects.


Q: Are you looking for promoters?

A: Not necessarily. We consider every member of the Androgynous Fox Skulk to be our promoters, and they are doing an amazing job.


Q: Can you please post my picture on your Instagram?

A: We like to reserve our Instagram page for all of our customers. We love diversity and are happy to re-post photos of anyone in our clothing as long as they are high quality, professional looking, and tasteful. #androgynousfox


Q: How can I determine what shirt size I am?

A: We strongly encourage you to identify what your chest inseam is. We have the chest inseam listed under all of our products, and this is the best way to find what your ideal fit is. One way to determine this is identify a shirt you own that fits you the way you like, and look up on the sellers website what the chest inseam measurement is for that particular shirt and size.